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But he was certain that he would never make such sound, it was more like someone else was within his body, and was completely out of his control.

Qin Yi wanted to open his mouth to speak instead it was overflowing with shameful moans.

In a daze, a swollen object was wrapped in a tight and warm place. Qin Yi couldn’t restrain it anymore, his moaning turned into a lewd ‘hmm’, and he immediately opened his eyes.

Tang Yutian pressed down on Qin Yi. A dark expression giving an evil charm on the handsome face that was full of displeasure. His eyes seemed to be stained with ink, reflecting the trembling deterrence. He frowned, clearly expressing his dissatisfaction with the man below him, who kept calling out incessantly to touch him at once. Unexpectedly it was still hard.

And that thing was on his thigh. Tang Yutian touched it with his hands in disgust, preparing to increase his strength to turn the moans of the person below him into screams.

Who knew, as soon as he ran into it, he shot

The speed of this shot was faster than the speed of hardening, and even a person like Tang Yutian who is inexhausitble was taken aback.




I have a ‘sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 9


It will take several months to edit and beautify the film before it could actual release. Taking advantage of his free time, Xiang Jing recalled several movies that would be popular in the future, and went to audition one by one. Xiang Jing has pretty good luck and suceeded in getting the second male rold of a certain TV series.

Xiang Jing has some strength however it was much worse to a veteran celebrity, however his appearance and temperament match the second male lead, and the director imediately wanted to use him. All of this is from the aura of good luck that comes from passing through.

What Mo Fan needs to do is to dissolve his good fortune one by one, to idle away, to lose this half, and the other will not have the capital to gain a foothold in the world.

Knowing what Xiang Jing was doing , Mo Fan frowned and looked at the man.

The relationship between the two has gotten closer, in addition, Mo Fan is actually not interested in performing, and any drama without Xiang Jing will not be accepted. He was often very idle and needed to be coaxed in a soft voice to get him to work together.

In the past few days, the people in the company have seen clearly that their own BOSS has trully fall head first for a man.

The employee has signed a confidentiality agreement to go to work, this thing was quickly added to go up. So far, Mo Fan’s family has not receive any news at all. Sometimes, they would called to asked about Mo Fan’s news and Lu Mingyuan would express earnestly that they do not need to worry, and that he would take care of him very well.

En, in all aspects, even the bed was look after, it was indeed very thoughtful.

The Mo family who did not know of the truth, hung up the phone. At the same time he was reassuring Mo Fan, he completely didn’t expect that Lu Mingyuan has long ago wiped people out.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan has looked over, Lu Mingyuan at once caught the other’s sight and raised his head to ask..

Mo Fan indifferently reply,” Recently, there’s this costume drama <<Good and Evil >> is bring cast. I want to be the second male lead in it .”

<<Good and Evil>> is a TV series adapted from the an online novel under the same title. It was not popularly craze, so Lu Mingyuan couldn’t figure out why Mo Fan would want the show, but it does not prevent him from assisting Mo Fan.

He heard that the << Good and Evil>> was worrying about investment. He had previous rejected the plan that was handed in by their company. Since Xiao Fan wanted the second male lead role of the show, then he become the investor. Lu Mingyuan quietly estimated.

Lu Mingyuan’s gazed were filled with loved and he reply softly “En”.

Mo Fan withfrew his gaze in satisfaction, as if it was an ordinary thing. Lu Mingyuan looked at the certain person playing on his phone again, and let out a bitter smile

To be used and thrown out at once when it is accommplish, he become a ‘husband1

However very soon, Lu Mingyuan stopped worrying because he ate a full meal in the evening and leaving a certain someone with a dead body on the bed and head to the company alone to handle the follow up.

“Xiang Jing?” Lu Mingyuan has always had a good memory, and he quickly recalled the other person’s appearance from memory. Thinking of this person repeated blocking Mo Fan, his eyebrow tightened slightly.

It seems that Xiao Fan had also perform with this person in his last movie.

Since Xiao Fan came to the entertainment industry, after receiving the movie, he suddenly ignored it. This time he suddenly offered to act, Lu Mingyuan cautiously investigate. Realizing that this person appear more frequently in Mo Fan’s life, Lu Mingyuan felt a somewhat strange.

It was not that he felt threatened by the other party, but when he thought of Mo Fan’s eye focusing on someon other than him, Lu Mingyuan’s desire for monopolize broke out.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt wronged. Lu Mingyuan left the company to head home, and threw a certain someone who had just gotten up, on the bed again for an entire afternoon.

Mo Fan: …

The man looked at him feeling wronged, as if accusing him of paying attention to another man.

“Don’t think i dont know that you’re using this to toss me around”.

The man did not look at him with any signs of guitly conscience.

Lu Mingyuan admitted that he felt slightly uncomfortable, but he believed that Mo Fan would not betray him. He thought that taking an opportunity to cross the line will not get the other person so angry…. right?

The fact is, Mo Fan was very angry and threw him to the sofa again.

Until the role of <<Good and Evil >> was selected and Mo Fan entered the cast, Lu Mingyuan was forced to use the sofa as a bed.

Why doesn’t he sleep in the guest room? Is this a joke? Xiao Fan allow him to sleep on the sofa, dare he go to the guest room to sleep?

However, it is indeed a cruel punishment for a big man of over 180 meters to sleep on the sofa for a night.

Xiang Jing felt that he was doing well and the director also implied that he wanted make him the second male lead, so he waited for the notification at home and did some study to analyze the character in the story line.

However, after receiving the notification, he was actually assigned to play a cannon fodder that only appeared in two out of thirty big scenes in the TV series.

Obvioursly the director spoke clearly, why has things changed? Xiang Jing felt very unwilling.

However in the end he endure it. The movie hasn’t been released, so with his current popularity, to receive the annoucenment of the role , is already a good result.

When the movie is out, the audience will become aware how marvelous he is, and will he still be afraid of not receiving a good role? Going through this mysterious fantasy has made Xiang Jing’s self confidence inflated, with a lot of subjective character.

Entering the crew, Xiang Jing saw Mo Fan appearing with teh crew, and all of a sudden his complexion turn unsightly.

Why is Mo Fan also here? In the story line, Mo Fan did not participate in the recording of this TV serries.

Hearing the director’s introducting Mo Fan as the second male lead in the crew of << Good and Evil >>. Xiang Jing who couldn’t figure it out the key , all of a sudden understood right away.

It was Mo Fan who snatched his role!

Based on Lu Mingyuan’s affection Mo Fan, What about giving him a second male lead role? Moreover, << Good and Evil >> is a small TV series.

Xiang Jing felt somewhat frenetic. Ever since he came to the world, many things have changed.

Originally, Mo Fan was suppose to be a 18th-line small movie star. At this time, he could only play roles that are slightly better than those of his group. However, at present Mo Fan has easily play a second male lead. Xiang Jing doesn’t believe it if there was no help received from others. But in the plot, Mo Fan refused Lu Mingyuan’s help.

At first, Xiang Jing thought that these changes were caused by the influence of his appearance, but there is a faint feeling in his heart. Mo Fan is the crucial point.

What happened in the previous crew was repeated again, but this time Xiang Jing didn’t even have the qualifications to fight against Mo Fan.

Early morning, as long as Mo Fan is done with his part, it’s Xiang Jing’s turn to appear on scene. But this scene in the show took half the day and it was still not completed. Finally, Mo Fan left the crew early with the excuse that he was in a bad state today.

Xiang JIng waited from 7 in the morning until then to act, but the scene requires Mo Fan to perform with him. Seeing Mo Fan left directly, Xiang Jing knew that he was wasting his efforts today.

The next day, the crew continued the scened that were not completed previously, But Mo Fan proposed to film the other scenes first. The director did not dare to even be a little bit dissatiesdied with the characted specified by the investor, so he agreed.

Originally, the director thought that it would be enough to get a few small investors to gather a suffiecient amount to shoot the show right away. Unexpectedy, A glorious person in charge get in touch with him and request a role in exchange for support. How could the director not accept the big pie that fell?

The director himself was not well- known, For the drama to be popular, they need a brilliant publicity. He had the idea of a fight when he chosed this script from the beginning. With great support, it would be a lot easier.

It is normal for investors to be Serbian (塞人), moreover the other party wanted the second male lead, not the male lead. As long as there was no big blunder with the second male lead’s performance, he can accept it. After all, the main point of the show is the main male and female lead.

However after several days, the director discover that he was extremely naive. Mo Fan’s acting skills were pretty good better than he expected, however the other was fond of delaying the filming. He also notice that Mo Fan was targeting a crew member name Xiang Jing, the original second male lead.

The director thought that Mo Fan was embarassed because Xing Jing was the original second male lead, but did not assist Xiang Jing to talk. Lu Mingyuan had clearly indicate to look after Mo Fan for the investment. Compare to the great investment, the minor contradiction is nothing. As for the issue of time and funds wasted , as per Mr Lu’s word , Mo Fan is happy.

Seeing through the innate character, in addition to Xiang Jing neither being a successful person , The director simply request Xiang Jing role to shift again and again. Unfortunately however, he have to come to the crew everyday. Xiang Jing had taken the initiative to mention in the event that he doesnt have a scene, whether it is possible to not come to the cast. But the director rejected it in the name of learning.

Mo Fan was very satiesfied with the director’s discreetion, and his performance was no longer NG, beside for Xiang Jing everyone was delighted.

The shooting of a TV series could range from a few months to several years causing Xiang Jing mind to inwardly worry. If there was no new work after a long period of time, even if the movie was successful, he would soon be forgotten.

However it was useless to worry, he has no right. For the first time, Xiang Jing felt powerless.

During the filming, Lu Mingyuan wanted to visit the crew to see Mo Fan but was rejected . With the condition that if he dares to come, don’t think about getting into his bed, he stopped asking. He has no other choice but to wait for the other party to return home to solve his love sickness.

Foretunately, Mo Fan wasn’t truly ‘cold and ruthless’. As long as he wasn’t excessive , he could eat half full every day. Lu Mingyuan’s dissatiesfaction slightly decline.

Rau has something to say: That scares me. My tablet keyboard wasn’t working for like 2 days straight. Pray to god my tablet won’t die on me. From this week onwards it be 1 or 2 chapter per week. Also managing my own site is so tedious.

  1. Husband (夫)= Could also mean a manual worker. Basically its a word play.

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I have a ‘sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 8


At last, the filming for the film, which lasted for about three months, was completed on the last day and everyone on the crew breathed a sigh of relief. Originally, the duration wasn’t suppose to last this long, but because of Mo Fan, the shooting time was extended for more than ten days. During the period, the crew members tightened their nerves, and were afraid of Mo Fan gettin angry. But he, except for Xiang Jing, did not embarass anyone, and after getting along for a while, he was praise by the staff.

Although Mo Fan doesn’t laugh or talk a lot with the crew, but he wasn’t arrogant and let the staff do this and that, which finds a sense of existence. During lunch, there will be a portion of meal prepared for the crew. Sometimes it’s a soup and sometimes it’s a drink after a meal.

Many little drops makes an ocean1. Exploitative, soft-spoken, making thing difficult, and lack in skills. The crew are more concerned about Mo Fan.

Originally, Lu Mingyuan said that he would let the housekeeper deliver food to him, nothing serious. But the housekeeper not only brought his share, but also brought enough for the crew, which gives Mo Fan a good impression. Although Mo Fan did not required these, however the housekeeper’s intention was remembered.

In this world, Mo Fan received the ‘sticky person’ halo. The so-called sticky person means that he likes to stay by Lu Mingyuan side whenever he is free. After confirming their relationship, the stickyness does not decrease but only increases. Fortunately, Lu Mingyuan had always returned home on time to accompany Mo Fan for dinner, otherwise, Mo Fan would felt his scalp numbing whenever he thought of the original body’s temperament.

The Mingyuan’s employees has been sure for months, that the BOSS must be in love. Looking at the smile on his face and the stern face was not as scary as before. The most important thing is that the BOSS will leave work on time, or even ealier. Even if Lu Mingyuan wasn’t a Lu Mingyuan, he would never left work on time.

Maybe, they will have a BOSS young lady?

Xiang Jing considered many situations, but he would not be that stupid to expose Mo Fan’s identity. Mo Fan’s concealing his identity was the turning point opportunity. If the Mo Fan’s background was exposed, what would be his plan? With the protection of the Mo’s corporation and Lu Mingyuan’s backing, the entertainment industry praising this person.

After the shooting ended, there are a series of follow-ups to deal with. Celebration banquest, press conference….. The director was relieve whe the movie finally ended. Others might not know, but he knew the true identity of Mo Fan. Having the small ansestor staying in the crew and needing to pay attention to everything, was exhausting.

When they finally successfully finished filming. The director waved his hand and invited the crew to dinner, causing a lot of cheers.

However, Mo Fan did not go.

The crew are all human beings. Although Mo Fan didn’t do anything, by the director’s cautious attitude towards him, they could still feel that Mo Fan was not someone to be mess with, so no one took the initiative to make him uncomfortable.

Mo Fan has an agent and an assistant. Among the small celebrity, he was already in a luxurious arrangement, in additioin to a cusomized nanny car. Saying that there is no one behind him, no one would believe it. Even if Mo Fan doesn’t have a thigh master, perhaps its a family background.

Mo Fan’s agent is the apprentice of a certain brilliant gold medal agent in the Entertainment industry. Because there is no external news , the man was not known.

But despite this, not everyone could hired such an agent. Whether it’s the apprentice for a gold medal agent or a long time apprentice with no news in the enternal industry, its evident that the other party is not an ordinary intern, let alone the apprentice of a gold agent.

If you want to hide it well, the people around you shouldn’t be too famous. But Lu Mingyuan was not at eased with lesser-known agent, as such he picked one. Mo Fan’s agent is probably the only other person beside the housekeeper about the relationship between the two.

In fact, as long as Mo Fan has something he wanted to hide, the action he took was not in the extent of a character OOC. So Mo Fan was not conscious in dealing with others like the original owner, and was not easily offended. It can be said that apart from his identity, Mo Fan’s behaviour was not what an attitude a 18th-line star should have.

The director naturally would not stop Mo Fan from leaving. The agent immediately contacted the driver to pick them up and head to Lu Mingyuan Company.

The plot has progress till here, originally, Mo Fan went to Lu Mingyuan’s company to harrass him, and that’s where Lu Mingyuan admitted angrily that he had a better relationship with Xiang Jing. By that time, the outside world was in abuzz, Xiang Jing embarked on a road to counterattack.

However, this time Mo Fan was not going to cause any trouble.

As Mo Fan had visit Lu Mingyuan’s company before, Lu Mingyuan has specially ordered to take Mo Fan directly to his office, if Mo Fan came.

When Mo Fan arrived at Lu Mingyuan’s company, Lu Mingyuan was in a meeting and there was only an asssistant waiting outside. But Lu Mingyuan ordered for the downstairs reception desk to directly allow the man to head up. The assistant got the news and was already waiting at the landing.

“Young Mo, Mr. Lu is currently in a meeting, you can go to his office first and sit for a while.”

Mo Fan nodded modestly, turned his head and ordered,” You should go back first, contact me if you need anything”.

“Ok,” The two man who receive the order took the elevator down and returned to their posts.

There was few announcement from Mo Fan, During Mo Fan absense from taking a role, the agent and assistant will stay in the company and continue to work. These two, were obviously brilliant employees.

From the time, Lu Mingyuan was smilling ear to ear and the special treatment for Mo Fan in the company, the employees who were in contact with the entertainment indusry, could not help but thinking that the the behavior of their own BOSS is really werid!

Is the future Mrs BOSS prossibily, perharps be a male?!

Lu Mingyuan found out that Mo Fan had come looking for him in the company after leaving the conference room. He had waited for more than an hour and couldn’t help but give a critisize look to the assistant.

The BOSS’s anger came suddenly, and the assistant was a little unclear from fright. When Lu Mingyuan entered the office did the assistant asked in a low voice,” Did i doing something wrong?”

The secretary spoke somewhat meaningfully,” Inside, The BOSS has to take a step back.”

The assistant seemed to half understand, but the secretary didn’t say anything else and went back to work. It seems that the BOSS has no time to deal with the follow up content of the meeting.

Lu Mingyuan entered the office,. Mo Fan has already fallen asleep leaning on the sofa, and the mobile phone in his hand slipped onto the sofa.

Mo Fan entire body collapse onto the sofa, although the soda was not particularly smal, it was still difficult for a big boy to sleep on it. Mo Fan frowned slightly, obviously not sleeping well.

Lu Mingyuan carefully help him up, sat on the sofa and took him into his arms.

The two had just established their relationship. Mo Fan was busy filming everyday and he looked tired when he came back late every time. Lu MIngyuan didn’t have the heart to cause trouble. He was the first to be informed about the crew end of filming , and thought that the two could have a good time at home at night. Who would thought that this person would come directly to the company.

The feeling of leaning in the man’s arm obviously made Mo Fan feel very comfortable as his brows stretched like a lotus flower slowly opening up. Lu Mingyuan’s heart moved, and his lips were already pressed.

Asleep, Mo Fan subconsciously responded to the kiss causing Lu Mingyuan to abandon his half-hearted intention and attacked gently until he invaded and occupied every corner of the youngster’s oral cavity.

From such a big movement, Even if Mo Fan was in a sound sleep, he would wake up. The two stare for a moment, their lips interlocking. Mo Fan suddenly bend the corner of his mouth and sticking his tongue out to lick the man’s lips, Lu Mingyuan’s eyes immediately darken.

The situation went out of control, but Mo Fan has no intention to stop it. This sort of affair was very comfortable, and he missed it after not doing it for a long time.


After the first sexual intercourse they took a break. The man looked at Mo Fan’s sleeping face with a doted look on his face. Touching the other party’s sweaty hair, he carried the unconscious person to take a shower, and came out of the office lounge to complete the unfinished work.

It was two o’clock in the afterrnon when Mo Fan came, and its already past five o’clock now, it can clearly be seen how beastly they were. In the company, aside from the security guard, all of the employee has already gotten off work. During this period of time, the secretary has knock the door twice, and hasn’t heard a sound coming from inside. HIs mouth could not help but twitch.

How could the person who deserted their work be their own BOSS?

The man has a satisfied expression on his face after eating to the fullest. Even working overtime would not diminish his good mood at all.

In the morning, he was filming with the crew. In the afternoon, he was devoured whole by a certain person. Mo Fan slept very deeply, and it was already ten in the evening did he woke up.

The feeling of emptiness in his stomach made Mo Fan frowned. Although, he is comfortable with this sort of think (sex), still can he show a little self- restraint? He was tired from doing it so much, Okay?!

With the discomfort of an empty stomach and the excessive indulgence, Mo Fan exudes black aura.

Lu Mingyuan woke up as soon as Mo Fan moved. After finishing his business in the afternoon, and saw Mo Fan sound asleep, Lu Mingyuan was relunctant to call him to wake him up. Instead he hold him in his embrace and head to bed. Perharps this kind of feeling was extremely comfortable, Lu Mingyuan feeling quite and contented ,fell asleep.

“Xiao Fan, are you feeling hungry? I will tell the chef to bring over the meal and keep it warm in a boxm and i will get it for you”.

The man’s politely yield to Mo Fan’s expression and put on his clothes somewhat unhurriedly before the man came in.

Lu Mingyuan waited for him to eat, wash and dress, seeing that the displeasure on Mo Fan’s face disappeared, he took him back home. However, as soon as he made the other happy, Lu Mingyuan made him angry again.

Blame it on Mo Fan’s attractiveness. Lu Mingyuan couldn’t control himself, and pushed the person back and forth on the bed several times, that in the next few days, he slept hard on the sofa.

Rau has something to say: I have one more week to my break. What shouuld i do with it?

  1. Many little drops makes an ocean (积少成多) = Many little things adds up to something great.

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I have a ‘Sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 7


After the kiss, the youngster gasped for breath. With his hand wrapped around the man’s shoulder, his sight were blank, obviously, he hadn’t recovered from the intense kiss.

Lu Mingyuan leaned his head on the other’s shoulder, having a shortness of breath.

“What do you…what do you mean?” It was similar to last time.

“You don’t undestand it yet?” Lu Mingyuan chuckled lowly, “It turns out that Xiao Fan has an adorable moment”.

“What….”Mo Fan’s voice was a bit hoarse, and the ending was prolonged, which gived a hint of intrigue,

“I like Xiao Fan very much, that i want to kiss you.” With that Lu Mingyuan’s voice lowered,”It will…. have a reaction to you.”

As for the reaction, Mo Fan felt it clearly from where the body connect.

His face become hot, and Mo Fan twisted his body to push him away, causing Lu Mingyuan to let out a ‘hiss’ sigh.

“Don’t move.”

Lu Mingyuan’s voice become a little different,and Mo Fan subconsciouly stopped.

“If you are like this, I can’t help it.”

“Can’t help…” What…

After he said half of the sentence, Mo Fan immediately reacted. He is also a man. If he were in Lu Mingyuan’s position, he would probably be even more unbearable.

Lu Mingyuan hugged him and said,” Let me hold you for a while.”

Mo Fan felt unreal, and murmured,” Then what are we?”


Lovers? Lu Mingyuan likes him too?

This was too illusory, in the past 20 years, Mo Fan has never expected that ti will come true.

Lu MIngyuan was too sensible and takes things too lightly. No one can force him to do what he doesn’t want to. So, is this true? Is it really true? Why is it so hard to believe?

“Fool.” Lu Mingyuan planted a kiss on Mo Fan’s forehead everynow and then, causing his thoughts to flee.

“You are foolish…”Mo Fan mumble to himself and he couldnt help smilling. “That’s great, Lu Mingyuan, I will be with you together.”

“En,” Lu Mingyuan rubbed the top of the youngster’s hair.

“I feel like i will have no regret”.

“Don’t think too much”


After a while, Mo Fan spoke,” Lu Mingyuan.”


The two had calmed down and was now sitting on the sofa hugging one another.

“Say something to me”.

“What is it?”

“You..say you like me..” Mo Fan hesitated to ask.

Lu Mingyuan understand, and a smile appear in his eyes,” Xiao Fan, I like you.”

“En, I like you too. I like you very much.” Mo Fan’ brows bent and he nesteled into the man’s arm.

‘Grunting,’ Mo Fan’s belly suddenly sounded, Mo Fan blushed, and spoke uncomfortably,” I, I didn’t eat much for lunch today so…”

“En, let’s go eat”.

The housekeeper very quickly pass through the dinning table upon seeing the two people being intimate, the dining room leaves space for the newly established relationship.

“Oh, it’s delicious, the crew’s food was so unpalatable, it’s still delicious at home,”Mo Fan’s mouth was filled with food , and he spoke vaguely.

Lu Mingyuan smiled and said,”Don’t worry, eat slowly. If you like it, i ask the housekeeper to deliver it to you everyday.”

Mo Fan’s eyes lit up immediately,”Can you?”

“En, can’t let out Xiao Fan be starved”.

Mo Fan heard the words “Our Xiao Fan” From Lu Mingyuan’s mouth. Those who had always been heartless also knows how to be shy, lowered his head and silently pick up rice.

Lu Mingyuan felt novelty and couldn’t help but glanced twice, causing the young man to blink at him with a pair of bright and intelligent eyes, acting coquettishly, and his gaze become more and more focused and concentrated.

“Don’t look!”


The couple are in agreement, but there was another wave on Weibo.

@Xiang Jing: Don’t fuess, It has nothing to do with Mo Fan, I am just not good enough.

—My Xiao Jing is trully kind

—We all know Xiao Jing, you don’t have to give other excuses.

—Mo Fan is purely jealous of Xiao Jing.

—Haha, the upstairs’ face is so big, The second male lead is jealous of a cannon fodder? So weird

—Fan Fan has a sweet voice and kind heart. There must be a problem with Xiang Jing’s acting

—It’s a white lotus1 at first glance


Not long after Xiang Jing posted it on Weibo, the agent’s phone call came in. Xu Chen had already clearly seen that Xiang Jing had nothing to do with Lu Mingyuan at all, and he was tricking them.

“I said, you really regard yourself as a big star, this is a big golden thigh master, you dare to send this kind of news, quickly delete it .”

Xiang Jing wasnt soft nor hard and replied,”Now deleting, i did everything i shold do, It’s too late now.”

“Okay, you’re great, the assistant in public relation department has warned me. Don’t blame for no for not reminding you. If you don’t take extra measured, you’re not going to hang around in this circle.”

After the harsh words, Xu Chen hung up the phone with a click.

He didn’t think before that Xiang Jing is ambitious and thinking he is something. It seems that he have to get rid of him as soon as possible to avoid getting involved. Xu Chen secretly made up his mind.

Xiang Jing held the phone without moving, when another call came in from Lu Mingyuan’s assistant!

” Hey, does Mr Lu have anything i need to do ?”

“Do? I don’t dare to excuse you, see what you did! Do you know who Mo Fan is? I shouldn’t mind, lest you get yourself tired and hurt others. Mr Lu said, if something like this happens again, you don’t have to continue mixing around.”

Xiang Jing’s smiling face stiffened, and the hand holding onto his phone trembled. They are all characters in the book, only he is real, it shouldn’t be like this. He will get Lu Mingyuan and become the top figure in the entertainment industry. Instead of cowering in the corner like this, someone who was step on by everyone.

Xiang Jing was unwilling to think of the indifference of the directors and the mocking looks from the staff.

“This is the last time i am warning you, there will be no next time.”

Xiang Jing opened up his Weibo again, and see that the direction of his comment had changed to benefit Mo Fan, Xiang Jing squeezed his phone.

If he endure it, he will soon become someone who cannot be surpassed by others. Mo Fan? Someone who doesn’t even know what acting is, except for a face, has no other capital to mixed around in the entertainment industry.

He will let those who once looked down on him and laugh at him, knows who is the final winner.


In the original plot, Xiang Jing met Lu Mingyuan at the banquet, and since then began his life that emerged in another world. Mo Fan’s scolding and taunting made Lu Mingyuan pity Xiang Jing even more, leaving an impression in his heart. But due to Mo Fan’s intervention, the first time was clearly according to the development plot, but Lu Mingyuan’s performance was different.

The halo that Xiang Jing gain from transmigrating was suppressed, lack advantage to magnify and greed in his heart. The covet was expose without any concealment. Lu Mingyuan saw through his nature at a glance.

At the end of the original plot, Lu Mingyuan will tolerate all of Xiang Jing’s shortcoming, due to the beautification of emotions.

That was the original development. Mo Fan discovered Lu Mingyuan’s concern for Xiang Jing, and made it difficult for him at the film site. This makes Lu Mingyuan’s sense for Mo Fan worsen, and pay more attention to Xiang Jing.

Later, with the help of Lu Mingyuan, Xiang Jing was not the type to feel contented with enjoying life. He genuinely become strong, only then was it possible for Lu Mingyuan’s favor.

Howeer, now, the plot are on the right track. Lu Mingyuan didn’t like Xiang Jing and was even bored. The most important thing is that Lu Mingyuan is already with Mo Fan. Although there is a deviation from the original plot, for this world, as long as Xiang Jing can be driven out of the world, such a deviation is nothing.

[The world is looking at us, inside the limit of the rules allow?]

Mo Fan suddenly asked the system.

The system answer,” All right, all right, in the world, the most powerful is thw world itself, and rules are merely one type of restriction. it’s like a strong dragon cannot repress a snake2. With the world covering for us, our exposure to danger will be much smaller.”

[Speaking of , you haven’t been appearing much this time.]

The system coyly spoke,”… I was chatting with the world.”

Mo Fan:…

The system,” FanFan, They have given you a benefit. The world says that as long you want to stay here forever, they can give you all the power of the protagonist’s other half.”

[With no demands?]

Mo Fan couldn’t believe that the pie would fall from the sky3.

The system,” a small, a small demand”.

[Say it.]

The system,” The world said that the protagonist’s strength exceeded his prediction. He couldn’t control it, and hoped that FanFan would help to contain it.”


The System,”As long as FanFan stays with the protagonist.”

Mo Fan thought about it for a moment. [Can i leave if the protagonist is dead?]

The system,”…that’s right”.

The system’s voice lacked confidence, because he knew very well that Mo Fan dislike wasting time meaninglessly.


Yi yi yi, Fanfan agreed?

[It will give me the power of the protagonist? Why wouldn’t i agree to such a good thing?]


The system went to talk to the world again in a daze.


Rau has something to say: I want to play among us with good players

  1. White lotus = Someone who appear pure but have a sinister heart.
  2. Strong dragon cannot repress a snake (好比强龙不压地头蛇) = A local gangster is above the law
  3. Pie would fall from the sky = Something unexpectedly good happen so easily

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I have a ‘sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 6


After a few days of filming, the crew found that Mo Fan had been targeting Xiang Jing. Everyone felt sympathy for the weak, but the crew was not as kind to Xiang Jing. Almost everyone knows that Xiang Jing is an actor who brings money into the crew. Such a person is not taken seriously by others.

Although Mo Fan is also relying on Lu Mingyuan, Lu Mingyuan pays a lot of attention to Mo Fan to ensure a beautiful finish worked. Apart from the director, no one else knows the inside story and thought that Mo Fan auditioned.

However, Xiang Jing was different. Lu Mingyuan squeeze people into the crew, and wiped the shadows behind them clean. On the surface, Xiang Jing is an actor, who does not know the golden master’s unwritten rules in the top position. The crew was contemptuous from the beginning.

But even if the crew looked down on Xiang Jing, they can’t match the person behind him. In order not to cause trouble with those at the top, the treatement in the crew was not bad, but if Xiang Jing wants more, he won’t get a trace.

Mo Fan is blantly making things difficult for Xiang Jing, surely there was a bigger backing behind him. Mo Fan himself is not a well-known actor. An 18th line artist dares to embarass another actor, saying that he doesn’t have any backing, no one would believe it.

It is a matter of no concern to oneself , it will start hanging on high. This is the mentality of the crew now. Looking at the director face when he NG so many times, he still doesn’t say anything.

The fimling process soon passed the halfway point of the flim. Mo Fan had been deliberately against Xiang Jing, that he was tired, no, he didn’t want to get up from the sofa when he came home that day

Due to work, Lu Mingyuan came back half an hour late, entered the living room and found someone sleeping soundly on the sofa.

The youngster’s eyesbrow was smoothed out, there was a faint sign of tiredness on his face, the relaxation makes him look calm, and his rosy lips pursed slightly, as if asking for a kiss

Lu Mingyuan’s adam apple rolled gently, as he supress his impulse not to wake the youngster. After a while, the youngster frowned slightly, obviously not feeling comfortable sleeping on the sofa.

Lu Mingyuan’s heart rise faintly wanting to dote on him, he gently bent over and took the boy into his arm, with boths hand, he slowly hugged him.

The man’s chest was wide and warm. Mo Fan took advantage of the situation and placed his hands on the man’s chest naturally.

He resembled like a rabbit, the yougster who is dependent on himself, Lu Mingyuan’s heart turn soft and completely in shambles. Since when did it change? It was that abrupt heart beat at that banquet. It’s definitely the same youngster’s appearance, but the eyes were exceptionally pure and natural. Those eyes suddenly gaze straight into his heart.

When the youngster landed on the soft bed, he turned over, huggged the quilt and continued to sleep soundly. Lu Mingyuan glanced at his empty arms, having a sense of emptyness.

The youngster hugged the quilt, lay on the bed, with half of his face hidden. A pair of long and thick eyelash curled up quietly, casting a dark shadow.

Lu Mingyuan seem to unable to see enough. He leaned over and dropped a feather-like kiss on the tender pink cheek of the youngster, and stare at the youngster’s sleeping face with a meaningul sight.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and Lu Mingyaun hurriedly covered the phone, and turned his head to look at the youngster’s face with an unusual nervous look. Seeing that the youngster hadn’t been awakened by the phone, he relaxed, pursed his lips as he went out of the room.

“Hey,”The caller was from Lu Mingyuan’s assistant. Lu Mingyuan walked to the end of the aisle, the farthest posisiton from Mo Fan’s room, before dialing back.

“Mr Lu, someone is slandering Little Mo on the internet.”


The assistant explained. As time progressed, Lu Mingyuan’s face become harder to look. The assistant on the other end of the phone seemed to feel the cold air, and his voice become softer.

“Mr Lu, Do you want met to find someone to deal with it?”

The assistant’s probing words came from the phone, Lu Mingyuan nodded his head and ordered the assistant to find out the truth of the matter.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Mingyuan immediately followed the relevant issue on the internet.

The person who posted the Weibo was by a small account, referring himself as a crew member, and that he couldn’t bear to see someone with a backer deliberately making things difficult for a special actor, and it was time for him to expose the certain someone’s true colors.

Mo Fan’s reputation wasn’t high at the time, the most common reason for knowing his name was due to his delicate face. However, the other protagonist of the incident was Xiang Jing, who not long ago was hot topic. Therefore, as soon as this Weibo was published, it quickly reached thousands of comments.

It was unclear what was right or wrong in the entertainment industry. Xiang Jing and Mo Fan is not a star with a huge fanbase, that the comments has changed to be objetive.

Some people questioned that this ia a way to promote the new filrm. Some were angrily denouncing the environment of the entertainment industry, and the topic of sponsorship began.

—Isn’t it rumored that Xiang Jing and Lu Mingyuan of the financial group having a fishy relationship?

—Upstairs, Xiang Jing has clarified long ago that the two have no such relationship.

—Can you truly believe the words of a celebrity? Is it true or not?

—If Xiang Jing really has any special relationship with Lu Mingyuan, Lu Mingyuan will let Mo Fan bully Xiang Jing?

—It’s more reliable to say that Lu Mingyuan is Mo Fan’s thigh master.


Seeing this comment, Lu Mingyuan’s eyes narrowed. He hopes that Mo Fan’s body can be crowned under his name, and vice versa, as long as people know that this person is completely his…

“Click”, the door opened in the distance, and the sound of the youngster’s footsteps came from far to near.

Mo Fan rubbed his sleepy eyes, his hair was messy, and he stared at him, Lu Mingyuan who turned and stared, a little confused.

Lu Mingyuan’s eyes greedily swept across the youngster’s lazy face, and landed on the white instep. The teenager did not wear any shoes, and the feet that were not exposed to light all year round were fair and transparent, and the fain cyan could be seen. The soles of the teenager whose feet were more lining with the dark wooden floor were as white as jade.

Lu Mingyuan frowned, strode to the yougster and picked him up. Mo Fan was startled and put his arms around the man’s shoulder.

Huh? What is with the posture?

“If you don’t wear your shoes, your feet would get cold.”

The man’s low voice came from the top of this hair, and Mo Fan’s stiff body relaxed slightly from Lu Mingyuan’s sudden movement, and gently allowed the man to embrace him back to the room.

“Remember to put on your shoes next time.”

Mo Fan subconsciously nodded.

Lu Mingyuan rubbed the yougster’s soft hair, and asked softly,” Are you hungry?”

“En. So hungry.” Mo Fan rubbed his belly with his hands, his voice was filled with grievances. When he didn’t realize it himself, he acted coquettishly at the man.

Lu Mingyuan’s eyes become softer and tightened without a trace. He held the youngster’s arms,” Your shoes are underneath, i will hold you down.”

Mo Fan: Huh???

Even though he understood the man’s meaning, Mo Fan blushed slightly. At this moment, he did not reject the gesture of being held in his arms by a tall man like a woman, and even subconsciously wanted to get closer.

Mo Fan has always liked to follow Lu Mingyuan, since he was a child , he has liked to follow him behind. he thought this was a younger brother’s view for him elder brother. However, as he got older, his view suddenly deteriotated. Mo Fan wanted to get more, so much that he was the only one in his eyes and all.

Putting the teenager on the leather sofa, Lu Mingyuan squatted down, holding Mo Fan’s small feet and placing the slippers on him.

The feets are one of Mo Fan’s ticklish point. Mo Fan involuntarily shrank his legs, trying to get his legs free from the man’s hands. But the man seemed to be holding his hand loosely but firmly, grasping the chilly soles, making Mo Fan’s action unsuccessful.

This kind of action actually increased the friction between the hands and feet between the two, Mo Fan chuckled softly, “It’s ticklish, let it go, i will wear it myself.”


Lu Mingyuan raised his eyebrow and gently twitched his fingers. Mo Fan couldn’t stop laughinh, and the end of hus eyes oozes tears,” Quickly, stop it, I, I can’t stand it anymore, Please. Forgive me.”

The youngster’s tone raise, and his trembling voice caught Lu Mingyuan’s heart like a cat clawing.

Lu Mingyuan’s hand has stopped, but Mo Fan was still laughing. Lu Mingyuan leaned forward and put his hands on the teenager who had fallen on the sofa in his laughter. This posture made Mo Fan’s laughter come to an abrupt end.

Mo Fan was a little at a loss, his eyes rolled around everywhere but not looking at Lu Mingyuan’s burning eyes.

“What- what’s wrong?”

Lu Mingyuan wiped the yougster’s wet eyes with his other hand, without leaving, he rubbed his fingers.

Mo Fan froze and didn’t dare to move, his hand that was against the man’s chest , tightened, and he grabbed the fold on his clothes.

The thick, long eyelashed of the teenager kept trembling, revealing the uneasy heart of the owner. Lu Mingyuan pressed down and against Mo Fan.


Mo Fan moved , wanting to break free, but it had a couterproductive effect. He suddenly ran into the other’s arms and was hugged by the man.

The strong and gentle kiss came fiercely, and the closeness of the one he liked was irresistible. Mo Fan immediately threw his helmet and armor and let the person do whatever he wanted.

The author has something to say: Happy double eleven

Rau has something to say: I’m on my two weeks break now. Spend the weekend cleaning my room and having a me time. I do realise there was one or two chapter that didn’t make sense but that was the best i could do. Things are getting hot and heavy now. Probably posting 2 more chapter this week. Enjoy~

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I have a ‘Sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 5


“Hello,” Xiang Jing received a call from his agent, when he was looking at a few short scripts that he had never heard of. Since he is not well known, it is good thing for Xiang Jing to be notified.

“What is the relationship between you and Mr . Lu?” The agent’s voice brought a hint of flattery on the phone. Clearly being on the same photo as Lu Mingyuan made him feel a little fearful in his heart.

Xu Chen is Xiang Jing’s agent, saying that he is an agent, but it’s the kind that says hello when they remember, and forget about him when they are busy. There is no one in the entertainment circle who would help anyone unconditionally.

Xiang JIng frowend upon receving the call. For this agent, he had long thought of changing but he himself is a transparent existence, It’s good enough for the company to assign him an agent, some companise hace arist who have nothing but an assistant.

“What do you think? Xiang Jing heart moved, vaguely.

“Aiyo, My little ancestor, You can’t hide such an important matter from me.” Xu Chen exclaimed on the phone,”This is Mr Lu, does he fancy you?”

“We just ran into one another in the toilet.”

Xiang Jing was telling the truth. They did just ran into one another in the toilet. As for why they did and what happened, she would left it for Xu CHen to guess.

” Here is Mr Lu’s fond preference”.

Xu Chen murmured on the phone, and Xiang Jing sneered.

“Xiang Jing, you are going to be popular. Look at your popularity on Weibo, your name is about to catch up with first rate move stars.”

Xiang Jing did not speak, and Xu chen once again ask,”Who’s plan was it ?”

Xiang Jing naturaly knew what Xu Chen meant. He and Lu Mingyuan only met once and the other part was not interested in him, where was the chance?

“I can get the chance with my own strength.”

Xu Chen believe that Xiang Jing was being stubborn and must lean on the person at the risk of himself. He mocked the other party for not knowing how high the sky is, but said,” Yes, yes, yes, you aren’t afraid of tripping a noble man, you are not afraid of being tripped. I happen to have a few good characters on hand, even though they are not many plays, they are all blockbuster productions, prepare yourself today, tomorrow, i will send you to an audition.”

“En, I’ll hang up first if thats okay.”

Spit, It’s just a sparrow on a branch how can it transform into a genuine phoenix. Xu Chen slandered, but it was better to sell out the other party.

What if he genuinely soar? He can also be kept right?

The photos on the internet were quickly removed, but the news could not be stopped. Lu Mingyuan looked at the trembling man standing in front of him,”What did do i tell you?”

“Mr Lu, Chief Lu, the small celebrity is not from our company, i am afraid it is difficult to manage.”

“If it’s not easy to do, it can’t be done?”

Cold sweat drip down the head of the person in charge, and at this moment the internal wire phone on Lu Mingyuan’s desk rang.

“En, bring him in.”

The person in charge quitely raised his eyes, seeing the person who was sterned a moment ago, curled the corners of his mouth, he was too scared to take another look.

Is it possible for the BOSS to smile? He couldn’t believe it.

“You head down in advance, i give you three days to get it done, and then you could investigate how the picture appear.”


When the person in charge head out and passed a visitor, he saw the secretary brought in a beautiful young man to the office.

Person in charge: 0.0

Did he thought too much? A beautiful looking teenager entering the BOSS office. It is important to know that no outsiders have visited the BOSS office apart from the staff members.

“Lu Mingyuan.”

Lu Mingyuan waved to the teenager, and notice the shocked expression the secretary’s face. After thinking about it,”Go and bring in a cup of hot milk.”

Before leaving the front of the door, the secretary heard the younster tender voice,” I don’t want to drink milk….”

BOSS indistinct voice: You can grow taller…

After the kiss happened yesterday, Lu Mingyuan didn’t see Mo Fan all day, and dinner was served by the housekeeper. Lu Mingyuan didn’t mean to force his desire, he is willing to give the youngster time to think. However, now he discover his way of thinking seems to be wrong.

Mo Fan dodged his eyes and looked as if nothing had happened. Lu Mingyuan felt angey and wanted to grab someone and ruthlessly beat him up. But in the end, Lu Mingyuan didn’t do anything. The youngster acted coquettishly to him as usual.

As long as the youngster in within his control, it would be pretty good.

Within two days, Xiang Jing publicly stated on Weibo that the photo was only an accident as a clarification. It wasn’t a regular news, if they held a conference, it would seem even guiltier.

The scandals on the internet faded. As for how many actually believe , no one knew.

Xiang Jing held the role in his hand, thinking of Xu Chen ridiculing him for being a toad wishing to eat a swan’s meat, couldn’t help tightening his fingers.

Xiang Jing believed that he could use this opportunity to make a breakthrough. However , what he didn’t expect was that although he knew about the development of the world, he is not a real actor. He was sure he could play the role well. A poor performance, will reduced to a cannon fodder. Can he play a role that can be a hit?

Performing is more than just acting….

But, why would Lu Mingyuan not directly put pressure on his company? instead doing it in such a gentle way? Xiang Jing couldn’t think that this was to prevent Mo Fan from being awkward, and in order for him to lean on himself.

Originally relying on himself, Mo Fan was not that stupid. Knowing the development of the plot, he directly asked Lu Mingyuan for a role, which was the second male lead in the movie played by of Xiang Jing.

As the biggest investor of the film, Lu Mingyuan, It is normal for them to request for a role. However, in order to not show a great disparity, Mo Fan told Lu Mingyuan that he must not let other know that he paid to get into the team.

Lu Mingyuan responded with a smile.

The company did not have any milk, the secretary went to buy one and head to the office, only to see the youngster laying in Lu Mingyuan’s arms , he wander what he was muttering about.

The secretary concealed all of his thoughts, put down the milk and went out.

The fact is that Mo Fan got what he wanted, and all at once feeling overwhelmed that he fall into Lu Mingyuan’s embrace. Mo Fan does not pay attention about other’s opinion, so when the secretary came in, he didn’t even bother to lift his head, and was busy talking about himself.

The film was soon ready for shooting. On the first day, all crew members, all crew members arrived on the scene on time. After the festive occasion, the male lead, a well-known brilliant entertainment movie star, folllowing closely the first couple show with the female lead.

Both the male lead and female lead are well known experience actors, once the scene was over, the director’s face was full of smiles. The success of the first scene symbolizes the progress of the subsequent filming, which is undoubtedly a good sign.

The subject matter of the film is a commercial romance film , about the pure love between the male and female lead during their adolscence. After graduation, they face real life problems, conflict arise, finally, they overcome the pressure of life together.

In the film, Mo Fan plays the role of a cute little brother who silently guards the heroine, the male protagonist is a rich young master who hides his identity, and Xiang Jing plays the good and bad role in the movie.

For this character, there are not many descriptions in the film, only a few scenes shows the inner thoughts of the character. Different interpretations, will lead to a different interpretations of the role. The director has not started filming the movie, it was for the selections of this role. In the end Lu Mingyuan squeezed in a person like this, the director’s expression on Xiang Jing’s are not good.

It is the most important role for the director, it ecen surpassed the status of the male and female lead. If he playes well, he can suceesfully reverse and become a character who can successfully reverse the character and become a character who arouse the pity of the audience. If he doesn’t play well, he will be an obstacle that prevents the male and female leads from being together.

The director has always hoped to find someone to perform the role perfectly and become the highlight of the film. Now it seeems that his hopes would not be realized.

When the filiming started, the crew become busy, and some even arrived on the set at six o’clock, that person is Xiang Jing.

After he finally genuinely acted, Xiang Jing found that there was too much that he lacked. When he was reading the book, he fantasies that he would get obtain Lu Mingyuan if he were given a chance to enter the book .

In order to get the protagonist, Xiang Jing believe he can invest more effort.

Xiang Jing never have never been in contact to acting, and is a real layman. The director has scolded him more than once or twice for it. However, perharps the aura of transversing has an effect, Xiang Jing found that he was learning very quickly. The director went from day to day rage to frowning and criticizing, to occasional praises.

What about Mo Fan? The book is playing its own role, neither outstanding nor faulty, watching Xiang Jing’s making rapid improvement every day.

The scene went on for a short time, and immediately they reach the first waved of conflict.

The character played by Mo Fan foud that the character played by XIang Jing was the suspicious figure behind embarrassing the heroine, and he came to confront the other side. In this scene, Mo Fan had to go to Xiang Jing’s classroom. Feling momentary excited he strike the other person, and was caught the female lead.

“Wu,” Mo Fan striked Xiang Jing’s stomach with a punch, not too strong , but enough to make Xiang Jing feel the pain.

“Sorry, i forgot my lines again,” Mo Fan cease to respond after hitting the other, after a while he straightened up and spoke helplessly to the camera.

This kind of situation has happened several times already, and everyone on the set could see that Mo Fan is trying to make things difficult for the other. The director who wanted to scold could only choke back his anger, who makes Mo Fan a real little ancestor?

After Xiang Jing’s weibo clarification, Xu Chen never looked for him again. He took the role, with no agent, no assistant, and takes the taxi to the studio by himself every day. When the scene is over, the other actors are surrounded by people to be pamper, only he was deserted.

Awfully soon, this kind of day will not last long, and will soon past.

Xiang Jing only knew that this role would be a big hit, but he didn’t think it was due to one’s acting skills. Without any acting skills, he could only get the identity of a cannon fodder.

Because of the role, Xiang Jing half kneeled on the ground, with his head hanging , covering the expression on his face. The crew meditate,”Come come come, let’s try again.”

The director is clearly dissatiesfied with Xiang Jing’s attitude. The crew are capable in reading the meaningful glance, no one was concerned for Xiang Jing.

When Xiang Jing got up, no negative emotions can be seen on his face, and he follow after the make up artist for make up.

Mo Fan passed by Xiang Jing, paused, and whispered,”Don’t think of things that don’t belong to you.”

Except for the two, no one else heard what Mo Fan said.

In the end, this scene was NG a dozen times, and Mo Fan was finally satisfied. The most important thing is that he was tired from beating up and has ran out of anger, overall he didn’t want to suffer.

Mo Fan’s hands are tender, and the issue that did not appear on the set were magnify as soon as he returned home. His joints are red, and were even slightly blue, a touch would cause an itching pain.

Lu Mingyuan carefully hold Mo Fan’s hand and gave him medicine, his expression was unchanging.

Mo Fan kept talking about hot he vented his anger and Lu Mingyuan’s anger couldn’t help but dissapear. Obviously, he wanted to teach the other person, why is it him?

In the end, Mo Fan complained,”It’s just that my hands hurt, why is Xiang Jing so rough and thick.”

Lu Mingyuan carressed ,”En, our Xiao Fan has the most soft skin and tender flesh.”

Mo Fan spoke after a while, “Why don’t i think you are complimentin me…”

Lu Mingyuan lowered his eyes, his eyes sweeped on Mo Fan’s delicate wrists and neck, and switch the subject,” Don’t be so reckless in the future. If you want to teach someone a lesson deliver them to me, it’s not good if you hurt yourself. I will ask the housekeeper to make your favourite pork rib soup to make for you. I make it for you.”

Mo Fan’s thought was immediately change, cheering and rushed to the dining table.

The author has something to say: I moved,the internet and the environment is poor. I don’t know if i can gurantee daily updates….

Rau has something to say: Hey guys…Sorry i have not been in a mood to translate. 5 more days to my placement ended. 2 days ago i discover that i did really well for my result and later that day , i was told i might fail my placement. so woop… depress. If this chapter is horrible….i will fixed it on a later date

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I have a ‘Sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 4


Without any notice, the original owner used to sleep until 9 o’clock before gettin up. The original owner will wake up early in order to see Lu Mingyuan, but every time the alarm clock went off, he couldn’t help turning off the alarm clock and head back to sleep, so he stopped struggling. Lu MIngyuan has a regular schedule and gets up at 6 o’clock every day.

After he finished washing up, Mo Fan slowly went downstairs while yawning, and saw someone sitting on a long table in the dining room looking at the documents, and couldn’t help but pause.

The man has already looked over, causing Mo Fan to speed up his pace as he came over, sat opposite of him, and asked curiously,”Are you not going to work today?”


“Oh…”Mo Fan responded. Just as he was about to say something, the housekeeper has already brought up breakfast, and Mo Fan’s attention was immediately drawn to the food, and he forgot what he was about to say.

The housekeeper glanced affectionately at Mo Fan eating appearance, turning his head, he received Lu Mingyuan’s resentful look, and a huge pile of question marks popped up in his mind.

What did he do that deserve Lu’s meaningful eyes????

The housekeeper couldn’t figure out the reason after thinking about it, gently shook his head and left the dining room.

“Don’t use your phone when you’re having a meal”.

Mo Fan watched as Lu Mingyuan use his slender and powerful hand to pull out the mobile phone in his hand, and looked at the other dissatiesfiedly.

Lu Mingyuan showed a helpless expression, comforted,” It easy to get indigestion , You can look at it after eating.”

Thinking again, he added,” Be Good”.

Mo Fan:…

Is he a kid? What do you mean be good?!

Mo Fan lowered his head and poked the food in his bowl, angrily, and suddenly recalled the photo that had just passed by.

“Were you photgraphed?”

It is generally forbidden to take a photo of Lu Mingyuan when he enters and exits a location. But Mo Fan clearly saw the other’s photo on the internet.

“En?” Lu Mingyuan raised his hand that still held the phone, with a light stroke of his finger, his brow wrinkled visibly.

In the photo, there was a tall and handsome man with his head lowered slightly, his hand was on the shoulder of the person burried in his arms, showing only half of his face. With some lighthing rendering, it looks fuzzy and ambiguous.

This was a weibo1 picture, as the person in the picture is not a nameless person, they were quickly recognized, and the number of repost has reached over hundreds of thousands.

Although the places Lu Mingyuan appear generally doesn’t have any media, the company’s public relations department also try to elimiate Lu Mingyuan’s photo appearance on the internet as much as possible, but it is inevitable that there will be a fish that escaped the net2.

Maybe with just Xiang Jing appaearance, everyone who look at it would merely dismiss it with a laugh, but what if the other person in the photo is Lu Mingyuan?

From Lu Mingyuan’s first entry to the company to becoming a genuine powerful man, he has always been innocent his whole life, and apart from his assistant, there is no one who is close to him. So many years have passed, and there are various version of Lu Mingyuan’s private life.

Xiang Jing is just an 18th-line star, how much heat could it gain? The existence of Lu Mingyuan is the reason why the Weibo has made headlines in just a few minutes.

It happened so suddenly, that when the company’s public relations department learned of the news, the Weibo had already spread to the entertainment cirles. Those who don’t know , was because they were busy with things at hand, and didn’t look at their phone.

Almost as soon as he saw the photo, Lu Mingyuan’s cell phone rang. The assistant’s trembling voice came from the other end of the call, guessing about the unfavorable end of work.

“I already know.”

“Just leave it alone”

Eh? The assistant’s brain did not work for a while. What did Mr Lu says? Leave it alone? When did situation such as this arise, did he not request for a blockade?

Until the moment he hung up the phone, the assistant was still immersed in his thought of “Fuck, is this really Mr Lu?”. Glancing around at his colleagues who look at him eagerly, the assistant’s face was solemn,”Mr Lu said…to leave it alone.”


The faces of the colleagues around him turn sluggish, and the assistant momentarily felt satisfaction.

It is not that his resistance to the pressure is enough, rather the BOSS just doesn’t play cards with common sense.

Mo Fan listened to Lu Mingyuan’s affair with his ears errect, but when the other hang up, he immediately appeared to be concentrating on eating.

Lu Mingyuan’s eyes smiled,” Concentrate on eating, i’ll talk to you after eating.”


Mo Fan showed an understanding look, his curiousity cause his eating speed faster than before.

“All right!”

Lu Mingyuan face a helpless glance to Mo Fan, got up and walked to the living room to sit down. Seeing the young man looking at him with bright eyes, he beckoned him. The young man immediately ran to him and sat down beside him with a look of expectation. Thinking of the youngster’s soft hair, Lu Mingyuan smoothly stroked the youngster’s head.

Mo Fan took the big palm off his head and held it in his hand, dissatisfied as he mutter,” Don’t touch my head, or i won’t be able to grow taller.”

Lu MIngyuan unobtrusively look at his hand, in the palm of the other , warm and soft. Lu Mingyuan was greedy for this feeling, after the other let go, he felt a lost in his heart.

“Hey, bring it closer here”.

Lu Mingyuan moved, taking the phone a little futher away, Mo Fan merely persistently move forward, unknowingly laying in the other’s arms.

Standing at the door of the living room, the housekeeper sighed when he saw the smile on Lu Mingyuan’s face, no longer having the ice cold look, there was a subtle emotion in his eyes, that was beyond of a brother watching his younger brother, he could not help but sigh.

They have stayed at the Lu’s family since they were young, and they joined after him after he complete his studies. He grew up watching Lu Mingyuan grow up, and the other party has so much respect for him.

He worries that Lu Mingyuan will die alone, when there was no partner after a length of time; If he has a partner, he’s afraid that he will be even more worried. Mo Fan is not of an ordinary couple. when the two people are together, with the family’s status, Lu Mingyuan is afraid it will not be easy. It is the Mo’s family pamper son.

When the housekeeper saw the lok in Lu Mingyuan’s eyes, he showed an understanding smile and stepped back quietly.

“Why do you allow others to spread this kind of photo?!” Mo Fan looked at the intimate pair of man in the photo on his mobile phone, dissatisfied.

Lu MIngyuan leaned against his elbow on the back of the sofa, his big palm gently touch the top of the youngster’s hair due to the sitting posture, and reply soothingly,” I’ve already asked others to dealt with it.”

Mo Fan lie on one side of his body, busying with sliding the screen using his hand, and reading the comments under the Weibo, and muttered, ” Where is it? Where do they match?”

Lu Mingyuan heard Mo Fan’s angry words, he stared gently at the youngster’s slightly bulging face, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly .

Mo Fan felt very comfortable in this position, and didn’t bother to move any more, nestling in the man’s arms as he swiped the phone. For a long time, Mo Fan didn’t hear any response from his muttering, raises his head, “Why aren’t you….”

The man’s eyes were deep and concentrated, causing Mo Fan to suddenly forgot what he was about to say, his mind seemed to be sucked in by the deep vortex eyes, watching his reflection in the man’s eyes.

Lu Mingyuan’s hand has moved from the top of Mo Fan’s hear to the shoulders, turning side ways, his eyes focused on the other’s moisten lips.

Similar to a butterfly feather, soft and gentle, the man caressed softly like one treasure a porcelain , cautiously and gently.

From a simple touch, to probing the tip of the tongue, and finally seizing the whole breath.

After the kiss, Mo Fan has yet to recover, subconsciously raised his hand to touch the lips that was moistened by the kiss. The moment he felt the wetness, Mo Fan’s face flushed, and he bounced off the sofa like his butt is on fire.

“I, I’m going upstairs.” He didn’t even have the time to bring his phone.

Lu Mingyuan looked the back of the runaway youngster, his eyes becoming more and more serious.

The author has something to say: I always feel that the state of affairs ir getting more and more lacking ~ Please collect/ bookmark~~~

Rau has something to say: Oh a kiss~ 2 more weeks to my holidays

  1. Weibo = A chinese microblogging website like twitter
  2. Fish that escape the net (漏网之鱼)= fugitives

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I have a ‘sticky’ halo

Arc 3 Chapter 3


On the way, Lu Mingyuan noticed that the youth did not chatter as per usual, took the initiative to speak,” Are you having fun?”

Speaking of it, Mo Fan has only been in the entertainment circle for a few months, and most of them was spent on training, this is the first time he had participated in a banquet such as this.

In the past, Mo Fan had participate in the company circle’s dinner party before, but he was never interested, unless Lu Mingyuan shows up. But Lu Mingyuan as a powerful chaebol1, he appear less often, and Mo Fan choose not to go.

Compared to the strict banquet filled with industry association dressed in western-style formal clothes from head to toe, at this banquet, eveyone was dressed in various styles, and there was no shortage of luxurious fun.

Mo Fan pouted and reply dully,” It was very boring, In the future don’t participate”.

In this kind of banquet, Even though Lu Mingyuan is an investor, he has always sent his people on his behalf. It’s just that Mo Fan’s family has warned him to take good care of them. Lu Mingyuan was force to take some time to attend the banquet in person. Sure enough , his appearance caused the entire banquet to freeze for a moment.

Is this kind of tiny banquet worthy of Lu Mingyuan’s presence? Although everyone was thinking on forming a relationship with him, under Lu Mingyuan’s distant expression that no one could approach, they can’t help but feel timid.

The original owner was naturally very delighted to see Lu Mingyuan. But when he thought back on his words of wanting to keep his status confudential, he have no choice but to sit and watch discouragedly. Later, seeing Lu Mingyuan leaving the hall, he followed without thinking.

He still wanted to talk to the other more! Every tim Lu Mingyuan went home, he either had not come back or has already fallen asleep. Even if they lived under the same roof, the chances of meeting him were pitifully few.

Lu Mingyuan stroked the top of the youngster’s soft hair, leaned slightly, and put his hand on the back of the back seat,”Why aren’t you calling me Mingyuan gege2 this time? Angry?”

Mo Fan huffed as he did not look at Lu Mingyuan, and finally couldn’t help but turn his head and spoke seriously,”Then don’t be seduced by those superficial beauty. Even if Mingyuan gege wants to get married, you must find a better one”.

Lu Mingyuan raised an eyebrow,”Oh? What do you think i should find?”

Mo Fan, “Naturally, they have to be worthy of Mingyuan gege. The family background shouldn’t be extremely poor, they have to look good and have to care about you.”

“For example?”

Mo Fan blurted out,” For example, like me?”

Lu Mingyuan was startled. Although he knew that Mo Fan was very close to him, he didn’t know that the other has such thoughts in his heart. But inexplicably, he didn’t hate it, and even desire for this bond to deepen.

“I’m just stating an instance…”

The youngster hurriedly explained with an annoyed look. Due to his eagerness, his complexion was slightly flushed, and two blushes emerged. Lu Mingyuan felt that youngster was adorable and wanted to continue watching him, but he couldn’t resist the youngster’s wet eyes as he plead to look at him. He smiled and comforted him,” En, i know its just an analogy.”

Seeing that the youngster breathed out a sigh of relief, Lu MIngyuan’s face remained unchanged, but his heart was secretly delighted. Mo Fan really cares about him, and even this care has changed towards love. In the past, he didn’t pay attention to it and only believe that the youngster was dissatisfied with others approacing him. He just didn’t want his playmate to be taken away. Now in another argument, everything makes sense.

The two currently live in an urban district among the high end small villas in the city, under the name of Lu MIngyuan, for convenience. The privacy in the community is excellent. Every household has its own yard, allowing others to leave the house without running into anyone.

A few words later, the car drove into the neighbourhood drive way and into the yard.

Thinking about what he accidentally said in the car, Mo Fan seemed a little silent. There wasn’t a satisfying amount of food at the banquet, so Lu Mingyuan asked the chef to make another supper.

“We intentionally let the cook add extra sugar, don’t eat any greasy food in the evening, just eat some porridge to fill your stomach.” Lu Mingyuan said towards Mo Fan who was coming down the stairs.

Mo Fan smell the soft and sweet glutinous rice, ba bao zhou3, as soon as he came out of the shower.

Mo Fan is addicted to sweets, and he especially likes to eat cakes like layered cakes that little girls like to eat. When he was a child, due to eating too much sweets, Mo Fan even had tooth decay, which ache for a period of time. Therefore, Mo Fan’s parents began to limit Mo Fan’s sweets intake, which made Mo Fan distressed for a while. Fortunately, nnow that he has grown up, there was less control of it and Mo Fan could have his appetite back.

The fragrant and sweet scent attract Mo Fan’s gluttonious insect to come out, and could help but to speed up his pace and sat down on a chair smoothly.

“WOO WOO, Hot , hot, hot…” The porridge that was just out of the pot was in his mouth, and Mo Fan neither swallow it nor throw it up.

Lu Mingyuan was late in his reminder, when Mo Fan had already stuffed a mouthful of porridge , and can’t help changing the colour. Seeing that Mo Fan was obviously scalded, tears threaten to come out, but he couldn’t bear to spit out the food in his mouth, he hand out his hand directly in front of Mo Fan’s mouth and said ,”Spit it out!”

Lu Mingyuan’s voice was serious and sharp, and Mo Fan subconsciously vomited it on Lu Mingyuan’s hand. Lu Mingyuan’s face remains unchanged as he wiped it away with a tissue, before pinching the other’s chin to force him to open his mouth.

“Let me see your tongue.”

After a close inspection, Lu Mingyuan found that it was merely slightly red from being slightly ,and he finally let go.

In order to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of the food, the cook does not deliberately leave it our to cool down. But he wouldn’t deliver hot food directly. So although Mo Fan was scalded, it wasn’t serious.


Mo Fan suddenly let out a puzzled nasal sound. Only then did Lu Mingyuan realise that he had placed his finger on the tip of the other’s tender tongue. The scene where the youg man opened his lips slightly , exposing a section of his red tongue was so bright that he did it subconsciously.

Pressing lightly on the soft and warm thing of the youngster, rubbing on the soft lips, Lu Mingyuan’s eyes dimmed, feeling the fleeting tenderness on his hand.

“Don’t be reckless next, do you know?”He severely criticize the younster, Lu Mingyuan did not allow the other to continue eating until Mo Fan repeatedly assured that there would be no next time.

In Fact, after Mo Fan vomited the food, the pain has disappeared. He felt that Lu Mingyuan made a fuss.

Arrranging the little episode, Mo Fan happily finished up supper and head upstairs to sleep.

In the living room, Lu Mingyuan lowered his head and glanced at the part that could not be seen under the cover of the tablecloth, and smiled bitterly.

Rau has something to say: This is the most torturous chapter i had to translate, I didn’t think that i will be cringing out by Mo Fan. Sticky arc is emotionally difficult. Had to stop every time he spoke to Lu Mingyuan. I am very dissapointed it took me the whole day to translate this short chapter…

  1. Chaebol- A large family-owned business conglomerate
  2. Gege- Older brother. could be related or a guy very close to you
  3. Ba bao zhou (八宝粥) = Rice congee made with red beans, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, nuts etc

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I have a ‘Sticky’ Halo

Arc 3 Chapter 2


[Drive out?]

System,” Yes, thats right, because this time the world’s rule took the initative to contact me. The appearance of Xiang Jing disrupted the norm of the world, but it couldn’t interfere.”

[Isn’t it all right to simply change the protagonist?]

System,” Although, the protagonist is to a wide degree choosen by the world, however if the protagonist has a powerful existence, even the world, could not change the other party as the ‘protagonist’. Only under circumstances of muliple people having the same ability could the world have the power to choose.”

[En, then how should we drive it out?]

System,” As the outsider is a soul wearer, as long as his consciouness does not have a strong desire to stay in this world, the world could take some measures to let the other party go back after a certain amout of time, otherwise, the world will not be able to expel it.”

[Then, why is it that the world could easily expel me?]

The system explained,” That is because outsiders did not come to the world willingly, there are higher-level rules outside each world. Since the other party has come here, the world has no right to expel it. While FanFan your existence is not allowed by the rules and regulations.”

Now allowed? Mo Fan couldn’t be bothered. If his strength grew above those rules and regulation, who else could restrain him?

“Fanfan, all you have to do is maintain the original plot’s set up. But because the world took the initiative to ask you to come in, there is a certin degree of character OOC allowered, but it could not exceed 40%”.


At this moment, Mo Fan found himself in a long corridor, with no one around. Mo Fan looked up and saw a toilet sign, and walk towards the toilet.

The original owner probably was heading to the toilet.

The walls and floor tiles in the long hallway were luxurious and retro, and the distant noise from the other side of he building , indicate to Mo Fan on what occasion he was.

The door of the men’s room was half-close, and Mo Fan pushed the door open and entered. Two people in ambiguous poses looked over at the same time.

Mo Fan frowned, thinking that he had just run into someones’ tryst, but he immeidiately reacted -isn’t the slightly frowining man, the protagonist Lu Mingyuan?

Mo Fan immediately realized the point of the plot he was in.

This is the first meeting between Xiang Jing and Lu Mingyuan, and that he has to destroy the other party’s plan.

So to speak, the person in Lu Mingyuan’s arms is Xiang Jing? Mo Fan looked at the man from the head to toe with a picky gaze. Since it is merely an eighteenth line actor, there was nothing outstanding about his appearance. An advantage, was probably that his appearance looks simple and cute, which remind others of the boy next door.

“Mr Lu is really popular, You could run into someone who throws themself at you even in the toilet.” Mo Fan looked directly at Lu Mingyuan in a sneer and mocking tone.

Although Mo Fan didn’t speak to him, Xiang Jing understood that Mo Fan was indicating that the other party was disdainful in talking to him. Xiang Jing squatted and explained, “No, it’s not what you see..”

Lu Mingyuan pushed the man who fell into his arms almost as soon as he saw Mo Fan.

Xiang Jing said nothing wrong, the other did not deliberately throw himself into his arms.

How could Lu Mingyuan fail to tell whether the fall is real or fake? But that wasn’t important anymore. The moment Mo Fan appeared, Lu Mingyuan’s heart panic subconsciously, fearing that the other party would misunderstand something.

Previously, he didn’t feel anything , it wasn’t the first time that he saw Mo Fan at the banquet today, but at this moment, Lu Mingyuan felt that the person was different. Mo Fan’s existence caught all of his attention.

Lu Mingyuan was worried about Mo Fan’s misunderstanding, but at the same time he was delighted by the sour taste in Mo Fan’s mouth.

Mo Fan cares about him very much! As long as he thought od this, Lu Mingyuan coudn’t control the corners of his mouth that has risen.

“Xiao Fan, are you here to look for me?”

Since Mo Fan entered the showbiz, he has always like to search for him if he has nothing to do. As long as the other party doesn’t affect his work, Lu Mingyuan doesn’t mind such harrassment. After all, they grow up together, he didn’t dislike this ‘younger brother’ and Lu Mingyuan tolerated him.

Because Mo Fan kept clamoring to avoid suspicion, Lu Mingyuan’s help is limited. Otherwise, even if Mo Fan didn’t have any acting skills, Lu Mingyuan could hold people up from below. But at this time, Lu Mingyuan was very grateful for Mo Fan’s choice. Such a young man should only be seen by him.

Mo Fan cast away a curl on his lips,” Nope, I just came for the toilet.”

“En, Xiaofan, you head to the toilet, i will wait for you to come out,”Lu Mingyuan’s voice was tolerant and mellow, with a trace of indulgence.

Mo Fan shoot a glance at the corner of his eyes at the unwilling and helpless man, as he passed by with a light hum.

Xiang Jing looked at Lu Mingyuan for help with an expression that was about to cry, but the other party’s eyes was focused on Mo Fan, until the other party entered the compartment, before finally taking i back.

Xiang Jing tried to suppress the corner of his stiff mouth, and cried out “Mr . Lu”.

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

Lu Mingyuan’s voice was dull but from the look of his frowning eyebrow, it could be seen that Lu Mingyuan dislikes his existence.

Xiang Jing’s eyes display a struggle of radiance before finally lowering down, turned and walked out.

Lu Mingyuan’s attitude towards Mo Fan was beyong Xiang Jing’s expectation. Instead of doing something when the other side is already dissatisfied, it was better to look for another opportunity.

Mo Fan did not really want to go to the toilet, went out and washed his hand. A certain man was stood at the same spot and saw him come out, his eyes lit up immediately,” Xiao Fan, let’s go out together.”

Mo Fan refused,” I won’t go with you, so that everyone won’t know that you are helping me from behind.”

Lu Mingyuan’s expression froze, regretting for agreeing Mo Fan’s original request.

“Then you head out first, i will come out later.” Lu Mingyuan slowly said.

Mo Fan nodded and left without any reluctance.

For most of the banquet, for an artist like Mo Fan, who is not well-knownm te sense of existence is low. At least, Mo Fan stood outside the hall for half an hour and no one notice that there was someone who was missing. The only person who knew about his whereabouts wish he didn’t appear in front of others.

Mo Fan had the driver come and pick him up, after getting in, he found another person in the car who shouldn’t exist.

“Lu Mingyuan?”

“En, Let’s go abck together.”

After being entrusted to Lu Mingyuan by the Mo’s family, Mo Fan no longer lives at home. Originally Lu Mingyuan had prepared a house for Mo Fan, but when Mo Fan wanted to live with Lu Mingyuan, the house become vancant.

In order to conceal the relationship between the two, Lu Mingyuan assigned a driver to Mo Fan. Although they often ride in different cars, their destination is the same. Similarly, in order to keeep a low profile, Mo Fan’s car cost about three to four hundred thousand yuan, which isn’t extravagant.

Why did the original owner abandoned such great living condition to experience some self-struggling feeling? Mo Fan thought that this was nothing more than a rich man who never expeirence harship in life wanting a taste of it. If the original owner knew the things that might happen before, would he still make such request?

The Mo family’s group wasn’t small, and Mo Fan is not an ignorant boy. He has a vague concept of the black and white in the entertainment industry. But without persona experience, he didn’t have a clue on how dark it it. Just one careless action from Lu Mingyuan could cause him to fall into the abyss.

Although the Mo Family entrusted Mo Fan to Lu Mingyuan, they were not entirely not to be blame. However, a strong dragon cannot repress a snake1 even if they have a ability. They can only deal with those that are within their range, not to mention Mo Fan’s forbid them from making a big splash. This is also one of the reasons why the original ower met such an ending.

Rau has something to say: So i have been reading some translated bg novels and i learn this thing called ‘split in translation’ and while im fine with translator splitting the chapter, some would continue with chapter 1, 2,3 instead of part 1, part 2. and idk about others but i get fooled a lot by the chapter number and now im upset.

  1. Strong dragon cannot repress a snake (强龙不压地头蛇) = A local gangster who is above the law (idiom)

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